Placements at Scholasys

Scholasys Technologies and Solutions works in an educational vertical to support the needs of teaching and learning in different segments. They use cutting edge technology to generate most favorable and advanced learning programs and software which accounts for one of their distinctive features setting them apart from the others such service providers. They have offices in the Middle East, at Delhi, and Thrissur in Kerala. Their STEAM robotic education laboratories are designed to create an inspirational atmosphere for students to be change-makers, by placing right tools in their hands, tinkering with our robotic kits and STEAM Learning Models, foster collaboration, enhance learning and engender their creative curiosity. After their recruitment drive for the 2023 graduating batch, six final year students have been offered placements with Scholasys. 

Akhil Jagadish B. Tech ECE
Akhil Titus B. Tech ECE
Harishma PS B. Tech ECE
KM Amritha B. Tech ECE
Malavika M Nair B. Tech ECE
Vaishak O B. Tech ECE
Congratulations to all placed students !!!