ADVIKA winning logo captures the vigor and liveliness of the Arts Festival 2023

The annual cultural festival  of Vidya ‘Advika’ that takes pride in its cultural legacy and celebrates contemporary expressions in the arts.The festival hosts participants to encourage the companionship of ideas and creativity. Each year Advika is  represented by a new logo which symbolize the arts selected from an open design competition. The contest was open to all artistic enthusiasts among Vidya  students who agree to be bound by the contest rules.

Anajay Krishnan (S2, EEE Dept) who unleashed  his  creativity to design a unique logo representing , vivacious, thought-provoking and reviving expressions of extracurricular talent adjudged the winner of logo competition.The winning design became the official logo for Advika 2023 and was used in all promotional activities.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to Mr Anajay on this feat – winner of ‘Advika 2023 official logo that brings affluent, vibrant, thought-provoking and enlivening expressions of talent and skill to the humanity !!!