New website of Association of Vidya Alumni (AVA) :

Vidya takes pride in launching its Alumni Network with long record of eminent students’ passing out every year. Our proud Alumni allowed their teachers, parents and friends to take pride in their immense achievement and success. 

Association of  Vidya Alumni (AVA) is designed as a medium to reinforce the Alumni elite group and Vidya its part is keen to strengthen the bonds with its alumni. The innovative mission and zeal of AVA took alumni activities in Vidya to the pinnacle of success. The new website will ensure that alumni can register themselves and remain appraised of a range of activities. The active participation, and support in the activities of the AVA and the website will facilitate us work together to take Vidya forward in the years to come.


With great affection, Vidya convey this message to Alumni  to go through  the website and register in order to enjoy the benefits of keeping in touch.

 The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending a cordial welcome to our proud alumni to  enroll your details and  keep appraised of various activities thereby  strengthening and re-kindling a great  sense of solidarity and companionship !!!