Grass cutting can be just a finger touch away ! ME students’ ‘Track Mower Robot’ captures media headlines

Grass cutting can be just a finger touch away ! No more hardworking while grass cutting in this hot climate anymore !!!

The students of ME Dept have demonstrated their innovative ideas and creativity through their new project ‘Track Mower Robot’ in front of several media personnel during last week.

Since the project has been placed an important place to display the technical novelty and research capabilities, news on ‘Track Mower Robot’ has been prominently reported both in the print and visual media. This news appeared in almost all important Malayalam and English daily newspapers and also in the CCTV, TCV, 24 News television channels.

The Team  explains Track Mower Robot

The ‘Track Mower Robot’ can be controlled using a smartphone from anywhere easily. The height to which grass cutting should be done can be adjusted as well with the help of camera installed in the robot.

The robot aims to work for almost 3 to 4 hours, continuously. There is a track module system in the robot which enables to enter any terrain effortlessly. There is a warning system in order to avoid any possible accidents. Arduino is used for the effective working of control unit. There are two modes of connection in the robot, Wi-Fi, for the short distance such as 100m and cloud for longer distance. The design of the robot is inspired from the animation character ‘Wall – E’.

As it is hard to work under the extreme hot climate for hours to cut grass, the necessity of the track mower robot is significant. By this Track Mower Robot, now grass cutting can be done while being in the comfort of a home or anywhere, control it according to the desire.

The Team
The robot has been developed by Sharon Varghese, Susruth K S, Rosemol V S, Justin Jose under the guidance of Mr Vishnu Shaji (Asst Prof, ME Dept ) and Dr Rakesh Hari (HoD I/c, ME Dept).
The team won first prize in the Project Expo category conducted at Vidya as part of techfest ‘VYVIDH 2K23’
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending heartiest congratulation to Ms Rosemol, Mr Sharon, Mr Susruth and Mr Justin on this innovative idea and wishing all the best to expand a peek into the research, development and innovations and accomplish the pinnacle of triumph !!!

Hearty appreciation to Dr Rakesh and Mr Vishnu for being incredible mentors with keen eye to the team !!!