‘Shape Your Destiny’ : Motivational Talk to inspire CSE students

The program began with a prayer to set a positive and peaceful atmosphere for the motivational talk. Dr Ramani Bai V, (HoD, CSE Dept) delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing her gratitude to Mr Suresh for accepting the invitation and inspiring the students with his expertise and experience. The speaker, Mr Suresh, was introduced to the audience, highlighting his background as a thought leader, influencer, and the founder-director of ATMA Foundation, a voluntary organization for individual empowerment, family welfare, and community development. His experience in guiding individuals to reach their true potential was emphasized.

encouraged students to adopt optimistic attitudes and reframe their thoughts to overcome self-doubt and achieve their full potential. He also emphasized the importance of pursuing personal fulfillment alongside academic success.

An activity was organized to encourage students to share their biggest achievements. This activity aimed to create a platform for students to reflect on their accomplishments, celebrate their successes, and inspire others with their stories.

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Ramani Bai V. She expressed gratitude to C.K. Suresh for his inspiring talk and encouraged the students to apply the knowledge and insights gained in their lives.

This talk proved to be an enlightening and inspiring event. The session provided valuable guidance, strategies, and techniques for the students to overcome challenges, set goals, cultivate a positive mindset, and pursue personal fulfillment. The interactive session allowed for personalized insights, enhancing the overall impact of the talk.