Seven Day Special Camp ‘PRAJNA’ provides inimitable experience to NSS Volunteers

Vidya‘s  NSS Units bring their best to foster the principles of  NSS and  ensure considerable contribution from all stakeholders. The actions carried out in Seven Day/Night Special NSS Camp ‘PRAJNA’at GHS Thayyur during 25- 31 May 2023  served as a landmark in nurturing societal responsibility and nationalism among NSS volunteers.

The project titled ‘Plinth Area Calculation for Tax Assessment’ was officially launched on 26 May 2023 with the help of  Panchayat officials. The activities such as parade drills, cleaning drives , surveys, assembly, trekking etc during the camp have  helped volunteers to confirm their  assurance toward the service of the society and its weaker sections. The students also offered artistic programmes including  dances and orchestra that offered a visual enchantment to the audience.Volunteers also conducted scrap challenge ‘Jeevana by KTU CARE‘for raising fund for the treatment  of dialysis patients .

Earlier, Mr T R Shoby (Velur Grama Panchayath President) inaugurated the camp  on 25 May 2023 in the presence of Mr Rathnakumar (Govt. R S R V H S S, Velur), Dr Saji C B (Principal), Mr Rajesh S K (NSS Programme Officer and Asso Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Ranjith E R (NSS Programme Officer and Asst Prof, ME Dept).The official ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by  Rohit Shankar (Volunteer Secretary).

Er Beena (Assistant Engineer, KSEB), Mr  Babu OA (Sub Inspector (Retd), Mr Vipin (District Co-ordinator ), Mr Anil M (Former NSS Program Officer , IEDC Nodal Officer, VAST & Asst Prof, ECE Dept) and Arun K L (Former NSS Program Officer and Asst Prof, ME Dept, VAST TC Kilimanoor) handled various awareness and orientation sessions.

The camp was conducted  with immense commitment and zeal under the guidance of  the NSS Programme Officers, Mr Rajesh S K (Asso Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Ranjith E R (NSS Programme Officer and Asst Prof, ME Dept) along with keen support  from the entire NSS volunteers.

The  Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Mr Rajesh, Mr Ranjith  and  the volunteers of  NSS units on the successful conclusion of the camp that facilitate them to outfit themselves with an insight, kindness and to escort a life of self-esteem with positive mind set and donate to the development of Nation !!!