Vidya NSS volunteer serves as resource person for presenting the activities of Rudhirasena

Vidya NSS volunteers always address the requirement of the needy people. Rudhirasena is one of the flagship programs of APJAKTU NSS Cell under which NSS volunteers carry out blood donation camps and work to meet requirements of medical emergencies in nearby hospitals. Rudhirasena aims to spread  to create a culture of ‘Voluntary blood donation’.

Rudhirasena, APJAKTU NSS Blood Cell conducted their Regional Meet 2023 ‘SANGRE’ on 10 June 2023 at ICCS College of Engineering and Management in Thrissur that brought together enthusiastic volunteers from various units to celebrate their commitment to voluntary blood donation.

The meet began with an auspicious inauguration ceremony, graced by the presence of Mr Ajithan P, (Operations Manager, HDFC Thrissur) as the chief guest. His passion for blood donation inspired many volunteers. The event also saw the participation of esteemed guests, including Mr Nandakumar K (NSS PO, Unit 703, ICCS CEM), Dr. Lakshmi Bhai (Public Relationship Officer, ICCS CEM), Mr. Krishnakumar (Rudhirasena TCR-PKD Faculty Co-ordinator) and Sakthi S (Regional Co-ordinator TCR-PKD), who added to the significance of the occasion.

Vidya NSS volunteers Rishikesh (S6, EEE Dept), Athulkrishna CS (S6, ME Dept) and Abhinav A J (S6, EEE Dept) received certificates for their work as Rudhirasena Unit Co-ordinators 2022-23.Vidya NSS volunteers, Rasiya Sidhartha C S (S4, CSE Dept), Neeha Paul (S4, EEE Dept), Adhul Babu K B (S4, EEE Dept), Krishnanjana M D (S4, CSE Dept), Amrita Sathyan (S4, CE Dept), and Alind Wilson S4, CSE Dept), participated as Rudhirasena Unit Coordinators for the year 2023-24, representing NSS Units 101, 200, 662, and 663 of Vidya Academy Of Science & Technology.

The Regional Meet provided a platform for all Rudhirasena Volunteers to come together and showcase their passion for service. Sakthi S (S6, ECE Dept) served as the resource person for presenting the activities & future programs charted by Rudhirasena. The event served as a reminder of the collective goal of making a positive impact on countless lives through voluntary blood donation.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending hearty appreciations to the NSS volunteers and all the best to instill the sense of  helping others to breathe life with their esteemed contribution !!!