AI ML Dept conducts add-on course on Programming Fundamentals Plus: Building Strong Foundations

Vidya assures the value added programs that harmonize students’ knowledge and develops their attentiveness to assemble the challenges of professional life.

The Dept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI ML) recently organized an enriching add-on course tailored specifically for the first-year students of the department. This comprehensive course, titled “Programming Fundamentals Plus: Building Strong Foundations,” aimed to fortify students’ understanding of programming essentials. Leading this instructive endeavour was Ms Jyothi P R ((Lab Instructor, MCA) who adeptly guided the participants through both theoretical discussions and engaging hands-on sessions.

The course spanned over three enlightening sessions. Throughout these meticulously structured sessions, the participants delved into the fundamental principles of C programming, progressively advancing towards more intricate concepts such as structures, unions, pointers, and file manipulation. These sessions acted as a good platform, equipping the students with a well-rounded comprehension of programming intricacies.
The impact of these sessions was profound, resonating with all the students who attended. Students unanimously voiced their appreciation for the effectiveness of the sessions, testifying to the heightened clarity they gained on programming fundamentals and its practical applications. The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, through this remarkable initiative, not only honed the students’ programming acumen but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the intricate world of coding.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Ms Jyothi and all involved on the successful conduct of the session that offers the talented minds to explore scholastic trail and develop academic keenness !!!