ECE Dept conducts workshop on Robotics for school students

The Dept of ECE bestows maximum support to create an exhaustive educational experience to the school students by conduct workshop, hands-on training etc .

The hands-on training ‘ROBOTICS 101 ’ which aimed at commencing basic and advanced concepts related to robotics to students from Chentrappini Higher Secondary School (CHSS) Chentrappinni was conducted on 14 August 2023 with the support of IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center).

The program started with a warm welcome speech by Mr Sajith (Principal,CHSS Chentrappinni).The session was led by Jeeva Haridasan (S7, ECE Dept) and Augustine K Lazar (S7, ECE Dept). Ms Remya K R (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) and Ms Snehalatha O J (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) extended support to conduct the training. Familiarisation of android board, programming and working of line follower robots were well explained. A total of 60 students attended the workshop. Ms Ashitha P R (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) co-ordinated the workshop.

Hearty appreciations to Mr Jeeva, Mr Augustine and all involved!!!