ADVIKA 2023 – 24 begins with divine experience of aesthetics to test the intellectual, oratory, artistic and creative skills

Touted to be Vidya’s arts festival across myriad verticals, ADVIKA began on 25 October 2023 and will go on till 07 November 2023. It, is evident in the scale of the festival this year and the unmissable enthusiasm that was palpable among the crowds that thronged the fest on the coming days

Advika 2023 started with the intellectual, oratory, artistic and ingenious skills of the talented students through offstage events including that of Versification, Story Writing, Extempore, Debate Kavyakeli, Pencil Drawing, Water Colour, Spot Photography, Collage, Essay Writing, Aksharaslokam, Pookkalam, Rangoli, Clay Modeling, , etc.

The Senate Conveners Ms Anooja V S (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and Mr Sangeeth K K (Asst Prof, ME Dept) with keen support of Student Senate and Abhiram (Arts Club secretary) came alive with the vivid enlightenment of its border to recognize students’ potential to generating involvement and unity.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in wishing all the best to all enthusiastic younger minds to present an impetus to arts, culture and to realize their potential for inculcating involvement and harmony !!!!