All the best to Office bearers of College Senate 2023-24

Subsequent on the publication of the relevant circulars by APJAKTU the election of the student senate members and office bearers for the academic year 2023-24 was held in Vidya 18 October 2023. 

Dr Jiby Jose K (Prof and Head, Applied Sciences Dept) was appointed as the Returning Officer and Dr Susanth C (Asso Prof, AS Dept) as the Assistant Returning Officer for the smooth conduct of the College Senat elections.They were supported by the faculty members.

The following students were elected to the various positions in the Executive Committee of the College Senate.

# Position Name  of   the Candidate elected Class
1 Chairperson ROHITH SANKAR E S   S7, ME
2 Vice-Chairperson SNEHA M S  S7,  CE
3 General secretary AKASH KRISHNA M  S5, EEE
4 Magazine Editor AKHIL T V (S5 CSE) S5, CSE
5 Arts Club Secretary ABHIRAM    S7, ME
6 University Union Councillor – 1 RISHI GOVIND V S   S5, CE
7 University Union Councillor – 2 AKSHAI KRISHNA P A  S5, CE
8 Girls’ Representative – 1 MERIN JAMES   S7, CSE
9 Girls’ Representative -2 ASWATHY KRISHNA K S  S7, ECE
10 Course Representative: B Tech (CE) NANDANA KUNNATH SAJEEVE  S5, CE
11 Course Representative: B Tech (CSE) VISHNU N M  S7, CSE
12 Course Representative: B Tech (ECE) AUGASTIN  K  LAZAR   S7, ECE
13 Course Representative: B Tech (EEE) SEGIN XAVIER K  S7, EEE
14 Course Representative: B Tech (ME) ANJAL RAJU   S7, ME
15 Course Representative: B Tech (AIML) O VARADHA VIJAY MENON  S3, AIML
16 Course Representative: MCA ASWIN MANOJ  S3, MCA
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty Congratulations to the Office bearers of College Senate 2023-24 and wishing all the best to inculcate the leadership traits nurtured via resilience, will power and the ability to lead the legacy of Vidya with modesty !!!