Free and Open Software users (FOSSers) Club resumes its activities with first webinar of this season

FOSSers Cub of Vidya organized a webinar on “Introduction to Free and Open Source Software” on 24 November 2023 at 7 pm through Google Meet featuring Mr Sreejith U S (RHCE & CCNA Certified Expert). The webinar started with a welcome speech of Mr Gokul Sona (S2 MCA, Student Convener, FOSSers).

The key highlights of the webinar were the sparked insightful discussions on the significance of Free and Open Source Software in today’s tech landscape. Mr Sreejith U S with his 18 years of experience as an RHCE and CCNA certified Engineer, provided practical wisdom and real-world examples. It was delighting to see the active participation of more than 100 students from different branches,making it a truly collaborative learning experience. Positive feedback were received from attendees praising the relevance of the topic, the speaker’s expertise, and the overall organization of the event.

Mr Sajay K R (Asso Prof, MCA, and Faculty Convener of FOSSers Club also talked on the occasion. Ms Jiya Joju (S2, MCA, Student Convener, FOSSers) proposed vote of thanks.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to FOSSers) Club members and wishing all the best to generate the finest possible perceptive in upholding open source standards and embrace new opportunities  !!!