Introduction Meeting on E-Waste Transformation into Artefacts and Trinkets

Each year, millions of electrical and electronic devices are surplus and they are the highest rising solid waste stream in the world.

With an aim to transform E-Waste into useful products, focusing on the effective management of electronic waste while fostering skill development among students, an online Introduction Meeting christened “E-Waste Transformation into useful Products’ was held on 04 December 2023 at 8 pm. This is with regards to starting a pilot scheme in the slum in Bhubaneshwar between 2 open drains, with 65 under 14 children. The needs of these children who do not go to regular schools and work to help their parents in this slum is addressed by the AAshra Foundation, an NGO of 12 youngsters. The project envisages directional education for the underprivileged children for standing on their own feet via enterprise development using productive technologies.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean, Academics) welcomed the gathering and explained the concept note already circulated among interested individuals emphasized the involvement of all kind hearted people including interested students in delivering sessions (including de-soldering activities). Mr Santosh Patnaik (Founder and Managing Trustee of Aashraa Foundation Odisha), Dr Rupam Goswami (IEEE Senior Member, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Tezpur University Assam), Prof. Toby Cumberbatch (IEEE ISV African WoGroup Chair and SVx Africa Working Group, Education Committee), Dr Saibal Chatterjee (Senior Member, IEEE, Professor, NIT Mizoram, Chair IE(I), Mizoram), Er Thomas Daniel, Dr Sasi K Kottayil (Vice President – SAWG, ISV), Mr K K Thilakan (Executive Committee Member,VICT) Dr Ramkumar S Nair (Former Principal, Muthoot CoE), Dr Febin Ghaffoor (Medical Professional from Dubai & Oman),Dr. Ramachandran N (former Head of the Dept in Mechanical Engineering and School of Management Studies (SOMS), NIT Calicut & former HoD, ME Dept, VAST), Dr Rahumathunza I (Principal, MES College of Engineering), Prof. Hazina (Govt. Arts & Science College, Calicut) Dr Nithin Padmanaban (2003-07 batch, EEE Dept,Senior Engineer Scientist, Grid Operations and planning at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) & Former Asst Prof, VAST,) Er Aravind T (2004 – 08 Batch, EEE Dept, Sub Engineer, Line Maintenance Station, Viyyur) and several people from different walks of life including the AAshra Foundation attended the session and actively participated as key prime movers of the E-Waste management concept.

Vidya staff members, students, alumni and likeminded people from different walks of life attended the session with immense vigor. Dr. Ramachandran proposed the implementation of government-enforced regulations, compelling manufacturers to take responsibility for faulty goods, thus curbing E-Waste. Sinan Sulaiman (S5,ME Dept) suggested the integration of E-Waste and Mechanical wastes, unveiling the potential for diverse artefact creation.

This pilot scheme is planned to be extended to underprivileged and marginalised young sections of society.

The introductory meeting established a strong foundation for the E-Waste transformation initiative, uniting various stakeholders committed to sustainable waste management and student skill development. The collective efforts and forthcoming actions are poised to make a substantial impact in E-Waste management. Ms Nirmala Krishnan (Asst Prof, CE Dept) delivered vote of thanks.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending the best wishes to Dr Sudha and her team for combined efforts and forthcoming proceedings that poise to create a substantial impact in E-Waste management !!!