Contributions of NSS Volunteer at the Asian Mountain Bike Championship 2023: A Tale of Service and Dedication

The collective efforts of Vidya NSS volunteers truly represent the strength of volunteerism and commitment to community service.

Vidya NSS volunteers, Sinan Sulaiman (S5, ME Dept) took part in a volunteering activity from 24-29 October 2023 at the Asian Mountain Bike Championship (AMBC) 2023 held at Ponmudi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

AMBC was a four-day event, comprising the 28th Senior and 14th Junior Asian Mountain Bike Championship.It was a phenomenal success, largely due to the concerted efforts of the National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers from various engineering colleges across Kerala, including Vidya affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

During the championship, the NSS volunteers actively participated and contributed to various essential tasks, ensuring the seamless execution of the event.

Responsibilities included marking the race track with flags to guide participants, providing essential sustenance such as food, water and ice to ensure everyone’s well-being, collaborating closely with the anchoring team to manage event announcements and schedules smoothly. Additionally, they took charge of waste disposal to maintain cleanliness, assisted in loading and unloading participants’ luggage, ensured safety measures at checkpoints, managed traffic flow, cleared the track before races, and ensured ample water supply for all attendees. Furthermore, they contributed to arranging and maintaining temporary toilet facilities and collaborated with the doping team to ensure the competition’s fairness and uphold its integrity.

“Participation in these diverse tasks was an incredibly fulfilling experience for me as it allowed me to contribute to the success of the championship while imbibing valuable lessons in teamwork, responsibility, and community service” – Sinan said

Sinan also interviewed the Chinese team Head Coach for Doordarshan TV.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Sinan on this worthy role that really epitomize the spirit of volunteerism and commitment to social welfare !!!