VIBE conducts session on ‘How to build Self-confidence’ for school students

Confidence is vital for every achievement; both inside and outside of the classroom.

With an aim to believe in their abilities, embrace challenges, and achieve their goals, Vidya, under the auspices of VIBE (Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering) conducted a session on 17 November 2023 for the students of Salsabeel Central School, Varadiyam.

Ms Asha T V (Students’ Counsellor, VAST) handled the session and shared some reproductive and attentiveness exercises. She also mentioned numerous engaging activities that assisted the students in rising confidence in view of the upcoming board exams.

The session was co-ordinated by Ms Sheena Pradeep (Placement Assistant).

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Ms Asha and all involved on the successful conduct of the session that boosts students’ confidence in real-life situations and problem-solving skills !!!