‘VYOMA 2023’ – College Magazine unveiling ceremony marks a milestone at Vidya

Vidh Vangmay’ hosted the momentous event, the College Magazine Releasing Ceremony, on 21 December, 2023. The ceremony marked the unveiling of the college magazine, “Vyoma,” for the academic year 2022-23.

The editorial team, included students from all the department, 8 student editors collaborated equally, taking the responsibilities and playing pivotal roles in the successful creation of the magazine under the auspices of College Magazine Committee ‘Vidh Vangmay’.

The magazine, meticulously crafted by the esteemed student editorial team comprising Akshay A U (S7 CE), Sinan Sulaiman (S5 ME), Anjay Krishnan (S3 EEE), Dhrishya Anil (S3 CSE), Gourylakshmi K J (S7 CE), Akshaya Sanoj (S3 CSE), Jeeva Haridasan Menon (S7 ECE), and Suraj Shaju (S5 EEE), was released by Dr. Saji C B Principal in the presence of Heads of Depts . Their collective participation exemplified the collaborative effort behind the creation of “Vyoma.”

The ceremony, was a testament to the dedication and creativity exhibited by the students. The unveiling of “Vyoma” by the Principal was a significant highlight, symbolizing the culmination of relentless efforts and creativity by the editorial team.

Dr. Sudha Balagopalan (Chief Editor and Dean, Academics) and Ms Surabhi M S (Asst Librarian), played pivotal roles in guiding and shaping the magazine. Although Dr. Sudha Balagopalan was unable to attend the ceremony due to personal commitments, her profound contributions were acknowledged and appreciated wholeheartedly.

The event commenced with enthralling cultural performances by Prayag K H (S3 EEE Dept), Angel Joy (S5 CSE Dept), and Arjun Jagath (S5 EEE Dept), featuring soulful solo and duet renditions.

Following the magazine launch, certificates of commendation were presented to the dedicated members of the Editorial Board, recognizing their outstanding commitment and contributions. Principal lauded the exemplary work of the Editorial Board and expressed gratitude towards student editors acknowledging their invaluable support. The ceremony concluded with a memorable group photograph, capturing the spirit of collaboration and achievement.

Farzeena P A (S3. CE Dept) adeptly anchored the program, guiding the audience through the proceedings. Her proficient hosting skills contributed significantly to the event’s success, engaging and guiding attendees seamlessly through the ceremonySpecial appreciation goes to the dedicated volunteers: Fathima Nasrin T N (S3 CSE), Diya Mariya Shibu (S3 CSE), Devanarayanan Anil (S5 CSE), and Aaron Sudhakaran (S5 CSE) for their pivotal role in ensuring the smooth conduct of the programme. Neeraj Kaippara (S5 ME) captured particular moments, unforgettable and prevailing passion that portrayed implausible mind and the ceremoy and all appreciated his hard work in garnering such powerful emotions. The College Magazine Releasing Ceremony was a resounding success, celebrating creativity, teamwork, and academic excellence at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulation to ‘VIDHVANGMAY’ Editorial Team for their unwavering support and for being an integral part of the mission to disseminate knowledge and inspiration which left an indelible mark on our publication ‘VYOMA 2023’ !!!