All the Best to S1,S3,S5 & S7 students for University Exam

Regular classes of the present, first (2023 – 27 Batch) and third semester (2022 – 26 Batch), fifth semester (2021 – 25 Batch) and seventh semester (2020– 24 Batch) under APJ Abdul Kalam University are concluded.

This was as per the academic calendar published by the University. The university examinations are being scheduled to be conducted as per following details :-

Date Semester
03 January 2024 S3
04 January 2024 S5
05 January 2024 S7
05 January 2024 S1

The devoted members of staff have been offering all possible support within their utmost capacity which serve the students for piloting through their subjects in a predetermined manner.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending Best Wishes to all our S1,S3,S5 & S7 and students. All the BEST to reach the utmost potential !!!