Alumni Talk and Discussion ‘Mechanical Engineering Insights’ by ME Dept

With an aim to share practical experience through interactive sessions and to communicate the important insights into real-world engineering practices a Webinar session was organized by Mechanical Engineering Dept on 24 January 2024 at 7:00 pm

Mr Akshay Sanjay (Incharge of Mechanical Body Repair, Tata Motors, Thrissur) served as resource person. The session focused on providing valuable insights into the opportunities available for mechanical engineers, Mr. Sanjay’s personal experiences in the core field, and an analysis of the current scenario in the Indian market. The webinar commenced with a warm welcome to the participants, which included students, faculty, and enthusiasts interested in mechanical engineering. Introduction to Mr.Akshay and his role as the In charge of Mechanical Body Repair at Tata Motors, Thrissur.Mr. Sanjay shared his perspectives on the vast array of opportunities available for mechanical engineers in the industry. Discussion on various sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, and research, highlighting the diverse career paths within the field.

A detailed account of Mr. Sanjay’s personal journey and experiences in the core mechanical engineering domain, Insightful anecdotes and lessons learned throughout his career, a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of working in the industry etc were discussed.. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a live question and answer session with Mr. Sanjay.Queries ranged from career advice to industry-specific inquiries, provided a well-rounded discussion.

The alumni talk and discussion with Mr.Akshay proved to an insightful and engaging session. Attendees gained valuable knowledge about the opportunities available for mechanical engineers, learned from Mr. Sanjay’s experiences, and gained a better understanding of the current landscape of the Indian market in the field of mechanical engineering.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Mr Akshay on the successful conduct of the session that serves as an ideal platform for sharing the invaluable insights into real-world engineering practices !!!