Spectacular journey of knowledge and innovation ‘ VYVIDH 2K24’ (29 February – 01 March 2024) begins

A nexus where mixed wits meet to exchange innovative ideas.The two-day techno cultural event ‘VYVIDH 2K24′ will exchange ideas, fuel motivation, and foster an environment that nurtures the budding engineers and participants with a flair of creativity during 29 February – 01 March 2024

With more than 15,000 participants and viewers from different walks of life, from across the nation, VYVIDH 2K24 , continues to be an outstanding Techfest that transforms talented minds into a fresh realm.

At Vyvidh 2K24, the students tap into their potential, reveal their unseen talents, and advantage from an treasured learning experience.

VYVIDH ’24 at a glance

 Main events
AVISHKAR Project Expo for Diploma, B Tech , M Tech and MCA students with prize money worth Rs 10, 000/-
IDEATHON Brainstorm innovative ideas for complex probelms  with prize money worth Rs 10,000/-
EXPREMIERE Paper Presentation competition with prize money worth Rs 6,000/-
NAVAYUVA Project Expo for HS & HSS students with prize money worth Rs 6, 000/-
Department Events
Exploring the Frontiers of AI: Where Innovation Meets Intelligence ‘EMMERSO’  AIML Dept
Building Tomorrow’s Resilience: Unveiling Sustainable Horizons in Civil Engineering  ‘VASTATVA’ CE Dept
eSports Tournament , An ultimate fusion of precision and strategy  ‘RESPAWN’ CSE Dept
The current of creativity starts here ‘ELECSPIRE ‘ EEE Dept
Unleash the Thrill: Dive into the World of RC Cars at  Expo ‘HAULIN’TORQUE’ ECE Dept
Unravel the enigmatic allure of Cybersecurity  ‘ADWAITHA’ MCA Dept
Ultimate Motor Show: Discovering the Automotive Marvels ‘AGNICHAKRA’ ME Dept

The festival’s ambiance is packed with energy, enthusiasm, and sensation, creating a celebration of inventiveness and ingenuity. The festival’s highlights include various events as well as dance competitions, technical workshops, and many more. The festival also offers opportunities to connect with experts in the field, participate in collaborative learning, and network with like-minded individuals.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to to ‘Vyvidh 2024’ team and wishing all the best for the grand celebration of the pursuit of knowledge, novelty, and holistic progress !!!