CSE Dept organizes appreciation ceremony to Dr Shameem S on her successfully defended doctoral dissertation

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is abuzz with excitement as they celebrate the remarkable achievement of Dr Shameem S (Asst Prof, CSE Dept) on 16 February 2024. Dr Shameem successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Performance Analysis of Distributed Raman Amplifier in DWDM Communication Systems” at VIT Chennai, showcasing her exceptional research prowess and resilience.

Dr.Shameem’s PhD journey involved delving into the complexities of Distributed Raman Amplifiers (DRAs) and their impact on DWDM communication systems. Her meticulous research explored innovative techniques to optimize DRA performance, potentially leading to significant advancements in the field. The rigorous oral examination, held before a panel of esteemed experts, served as a testament to the depth and merit of her research work.

The CSE department applauds Dr Shameem’s dedication and applauds her for achieving this significant milestone. Her success serves as an inspiration to aspiring researchers and a source of immense pride for the entire department. To honor her accomplishment, the department hosted a celebratory event where faculty and peers lauded her achievements and expressed their heartfelt congratulations.

Looking ahead, Dr.Shameem aspires to continue her research journey, exploring new avenues within the field of optical communication systems. The CSE department extends its unwavering support and encouragement as she embarks on this exciting new chapter.

“Dr.Shameem’s success is a shining example of the exceptional talent and dedication nurtured within our department,” expressed Dr Ramani Bai V (HoD, CSE Dept). “Her research holds immense potential to contribute to the advancement of DWDM communication technologies, and we are confident that she will continue to achieve remarkable feats in the years to come”, Dr Ramani Bai added .

Hearty congratulations to all involved!!!