Dean, Vidya staff members and students attend the webinar ‘Is Your Project Economic to Sustain?’ hosted by IEEE Smart Village SWAG

With an aim to exemplify how to utilize project expenses and revenues approximations to analyze economic measures the IEEE Smart Village South Asia Working Group (SWAG) arranged a webinar christened ‘Is Your Project Economic to Sustain?’ 20 January 2024.

Dr Murty Bhavaraju (Member, IEEE Smart Village – SAWG,IEEE Life Fellow, Member – US National Academy of Engineering) served as the Resource Person.

Dr Murty Bhavaraju gave a clear picture to understand how to set project costs and revenue estimates to have a sustainable project. The session offered promises for early researchers and interested communities.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics, Professor, EEE Dept), staff members and student volunteers attended the meeting.