MCA organizes two-day workshop Chip-to-Net 9.1

Organizing  a  workshop during hectic academic schedule with an efficient structure is a difficult task. But the sincere efforts in organizing the two-day workshop Chip-to-Net 9.1 that too successively for 9  years  is an important signpost to MCA.

Chip-to-Net 9.1

MCA Department organised Chip-to-Net 9.1, a two-day fully hands-on workshop for the students of Arts and science colleges during 25-26 March, 2024. 40 students from 8 different Arts and Science colleges attended the workshop. The workshop was a huge success as supported by the feedback collected from the participants after the conclusion of the workshop.

Inaugural ceremony

The inaugural ceremony of the workshop was held in the Computer Lab of the MCA Department on 25 March 2024. Ms Siji K B (Co-ordinator, Asst Prof MCA) welcomed the participants and dignitaries and Dr Reji C Joy (HoD, MCA) gave an overview of the workshop. Dr Sunitha C (Vice-Principal) inaugurated the workshop and delivered the inaugural address. Mr Suresh Lal (Executive Director, VICT) and Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean Academics) gave felicitations. Ms Salkala K S (Co-Coordinator, Asst Prof MCA) proposed vote of thanks.

Various Sessions in the workshop

  • Website Creation Using Google Sites:The first topic was on creating a website using the features available in Google Sites and it was handled by Ms Salkala K S (Asst Prof , MCA) and Ms Siji K B (Asst Prof , MCA)
  • Web Hosting Management:The second topic, “Web hosting management” was handled by Mr Dijesh P, (Asso Prof, MCA). This session offered numerous benefits for participants, including enhanced knowledge and skills, improved website performance and security, cost savings, networking opportunities, and ongoing support for continuous learning and development.
  • An introduction to LateX using Overleaf:The third topic was “An introduction to LateX using Overleaf” presented by Dr Reji C Joy (HoD, MCA Dept). LaTeX is a typesetting system commonly used for creating documents with complex structures, such as academic papers, theses, presentations, and technical reports. Overleaf, a cloud-based LaTeX editor, offers several advantages for both beginners and experienced users. A live hands-on session was given to the participants.
  • Soft skill Development:The fourth topic was “Soft Skill Development” presented by Mr Manesh D (Asst Prof, MCA). This session led to the enhancement of personal attributes and interpersonal skills that enables individuals to interact effectively with others and navigate various situations in both professional and personal settings.

The workshop was co-ordinated by Ms Siji K B (Co-ordinator, Asst Prof MCA) and Ms Salkala K S (Co-Coordinator, Asst Prof MCA) under the guidance of  Dr Reji C Joy (HoD, MCA).

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending Heartiest  appreciations to Dr Reji, Ms Siji, Ms Salkala and the entire MCA on the promising execution of  9th edition of Chip-to-Net  that offers a journey of exploration and experimentation with abundant  opportunities to learn in new experiential methods !!!