CE Dept organizes honoring ceremony

The academic year 2023-2024 proved to be a testament to the exceptional capabilities and remarkable achievements of students. To commemorate their hard work and dedication, a recognition program was organized on 18 April 2024.

In S8 (A Batch), Alphy Anto and Akarsha emerged as top performers, securing impressive CGPAs of 8.82 and 8.77 respectively. Meanwhile, in S8 (B Batch), Nandhana V R and Sreeranjini Sreekumar showcased outstanding academic prowess with remarkable CGPAs of 9.34 and 9.13 respectively. Aleena C J and Gangodaya T S distinguished themselves as top achievers in S6 (A Batch), securing CGPAs of 9.02 and 8.89 respectively, while Meenakshi C V and Sumeena C A excelled in S6 (B Batch) with CGPAs of 9.29 and 9.0 respectively. Athira Anandan P and Jisni P J emerged as the top performers in S4, boasting impressive CGPAs of 9.53 and 8.62 respectively. Additionally, Dharsana M J and Yamini Vijayan showcased outstanding performance in S2, securing CGPAs of 8.76 and 7.83 respectively.

Albin Lazar (S8, CE A) represented the university in Kho Kho, while Diya A J (SI, CE A) showcased her skills in Tug of War, earning university representation.

Athul V M, Fathima Kulzum, Akshaya, and Beslin from S8 contributed significantly to academic research by publishing papers guided by Mr Kiran Babu A R (Asst Prof, CE Dept). Moreover, journal and conference approvals were granted to Saya Surendran, Irene K B, Lohith Manakalath S and Kavya V P from S8 which was guided by Ms Seetha Pisharikkal (Asst Prof, CE Dept).

Amal Krishna K J (S8) received the Best Student Award for his outstanding performance, while Ansaf and Sreejith  was selected for free training conducted by the National Council for Technology and Training. Additionally, Athul Krishna K V, Amal Krishna K J, Fijo M J, Aline Rose Austin,Sreejith S,Rasha Abdul Razak,Sreenandhana Shaly and Sneha T secured placements, and Akshaya M A (S8 CE A) and M Abhimanyu Hareesh (S8 CE B) qualified in the GATE examination. Renjima (S6, CE ) and Amaljo (S8 CE A) secured first prize in a technical event ‘ Girder king’ , Devanad (S6 CE Dept) and Delvin (S6, CE Dept) secured first prize in ‘ Concrete Crush ‘ and Nandan K V (S8 CE Dept) secured first prize in Design wizard conducted in Tech fest 2024.

Ms Anitha N K ( S2 CE Dept ) was congratulated for her remarkable achievement as she joined engineering at the age of 56, becoming a role model for all students. She successfully cleared all papers in the first semester in her first attempt, showcasing her determination and dedication. Her accomplishment serves as an inspiration to individuals of all ages pursuing their dreams in education. The noble act of Agnivesh (S2, CE Dept) who donated liver to his father was recognized and appreciated.

The recognition program served as a platform to celebrate the academic excellence, sportsmanship, and various achievements of the students throughout the academic year 2023-2024. The dedication and hard work demonstrated by the students, supported by the guidance of the faculty members , have truly made Vidya proud.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to all our proud students on different types of exemplary accomplishments & achievements and wishing all the best to spread out your wings and soar greater heights !!!