Hearty wishes to Dr Sudha Balagopalan from ME Dept and CE Dept

Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean-Academics),a person who set the stage to Vidya for a promising academic time ahead, filled with learning, growth, and meaningful experiences with the role as Lecturer , Professor, Head of the EEE Dept, Principal and Dean-Academics bids adieu to Vidya after more than 20 years of stupendous tenure

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

To mark this occasion a get together was arranged by the Dept of ME on 16 April 2024. Dr Rakesh Hari (HoD, ME Dept) and Sooraj Prabha (Professor, ME Dept) shared Dr Sudha’s contribution to enrich technical knowledge and legacy of ME Dept in the field of research and creative activities including that of SERB grants project worth 30 lakhs from Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. All the staff members who spoke on the occasion reminisced their cherished experiences with Dr Sudha through the series of episodes for the last past years as she displayed a mixture of proficient righteousness and benevolence

The Dept presented some gifts as well as a token of their warmth and reverence for all the incredible support that Dr Sudha has contributed silently in shaping the ME Dept at her level best .

Dr Sudha recollected her memorable association with ME Dept especially with the co-operation and enjoyed sharing stories of the accomplishments of staff members with alumni, prospective students, parents and prospective donors

Dept of Civil Engineering

The CE Dept brought together an informal function on 26 April 2024 to Dr Sudha, a person who served all roles in various capacities with unflagging encouragement and erudite guidance to all the staff members in CE Dept .

Dr Abhilasha P S (HoD CE Dept) and Dr Justine C Jose (Adjunct Faculty & former HoD CE Dept) shared their wide-ranging experiences and support offered by Dr Sudha and her active involvement in consultancy services in various specializations of Civil Engineering including that of various activities connected with LSGD (Local Self-Government Department) projects and all kinds of Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI) and scholarly interests of staff and students in the Dept.

The staff members shared their eternal association with Dr Sudha who gave confidence they desired to thrive with an stirring work ethics even apart from Civil filed and her guidance in nurturing IEEE activities associated with CE Dept.

The Dept honored Dr Sudha with fitting homage and handed over a gift as a token of their gratitude and affection. Ms Nirmala Krishnan (Asst Prof, CE Dept) learned new skill ( stitched a beautiful portrait of Dr Sudha) in order to present Dean with much admiration .

Dr Sudha shared her ideas with an abundance of hope for the future and the lessons that learned from Vidya in numerous different ways