Industrial Visit connects theoretical concepts with real-world applications to MCA students

To provide experiences with a deeper understanding of the industry and preparing the students for future career opportunities in the software field, an Industrial Visit (IV) was conducted for the S4 MCA students on 07 March 2024. The students had the golden opportunity to gain practical insights into their coursework through an industrial visit to MAGICA INFOTECH, a leading software training institute in Goa.

MAGICA INFOT ECH specializes in offering job-oriented courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python, Big Data, and more. The visit was attended by 46 enthusiastic students led by two faculty members, Mr Sajay K R (Asso Prof, MCA) and Ms. Siji K B ((Asst Prof ,MCA).

Session on “Domestic and global opportunities for MCA students”

The highlight of the session was the opportunity to observe real-time operations including how teams collaborate and develop projects, gaining practical insights into the day-to-day workings of software professionals.

The session also offered a comprehensive overview of the various stages involved in building and developing software projects, the policies and initiatives designed to boost the Indian software industry’s growth, positioning it to compete effectively on the international stage.

Additionally, the marketing strategies and post-development services essential to the software industry were also mentioned. This holistic view gave a deeper appreciation of the industry’s dynamics and the potential career paths available to the students as future software professionals.

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!