VSEC celebrates Reading Week ‘SAS’ with an array of activities under the theme ‘Global Warming’ 

It is constantly repeated that ‘Books serve as window to the world’.

Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC), an initiative of Vidya International Charitable identifies the importance of reading not only remind people about the value of reading books even in an era dominated by the internet. National Reading Day is observed on 19 June every  year, to honor the father of the Library Movement, the late P.N. Panicked and realize his dream to promote the culture of reading.  

Considering in mind the strength of reading books and encouraging the same amongst students, an array of activities  christened ‘SAS (Smart Amiable Summit)’ were organised at SOS Village Mulayam on 29 June 2024 under the auspices of VSEC.Ms Surabhi M S (Asst. Librarian , VSEC Member) handled  the session with  the wholehearted support of  VSEC student volunteers Anjay Krishna (S5, EEE Dept) and Varghese  E W (S5, AIML Dept).

SAS (Smart Amiable Summit)

The session started with a brief keynote address by Ms Surabhi,in which she depicts the importance of reading and how the ‘Reading Day’ served  as a souvenir of the influence that books and literature have in students’ lives.She also emphasized how this day honors the act of reading and the importance of literature for our personal growth and societal development.

Read & Review

To promote reading as a normal habit among HS and HSS  Students, ‘Read & Review’ session was also conducted as part of the celebration. The students of all the sections earnestly participated in the activity. Students reviewed the books and presented critical analysis of the same. Class discussions were also conducted wherein students shared about the books that they have read, highlighting characters and events that they particularly like.They also got the opportunity to share their valuable inputs.The epic ‘Mahabharata’ was also mentioned by one student and shared her thought on the character ‘Karnan’.Students even focused the book written by Gabriel García Márquez and shared their reading experinces.Those occupied in the events were oriented to new books, writers and styles of writing .

Talk on Global Warming

In a significant move towards addressing subjects of national importance and recognizing that even the smallest contributions can promote substantial changes,VSEC has been opted ‘Global Warming’ as the theme of VSEC 2024. A talk on ‘Global Warming’ was delivered by Anjay Krishna (S5, EEE Dept) to the students.A range of topics related to power conservation, sustainable practices and critical aspects of energy conservation strategies were discussed.

Valedictory Session

With an aim to instill an affection of reading  and considering ‘Global Warming’ as the theme of VSEC,books published by Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad were distributed to all students.A ceremonial cake cutting was also carried out that marked the conclusion of celebration,signifying the sweet memories shared and the bonds created with the students.

For SoS Children

The session ‘SAS’served  as a reminder of the power that books keep in  people’s world. By recognizing a day to read, the session ‘Read & Review ‘ highlighted  the importance of literature for our individual growth and societal progress.The session on ‘Global Warming’ inspired students the importance of Energy Conservation and various methods  to adopt eco-friendly practices.

For VSEC Volunteers 

The session ‘SAS’ witnessed knowledge that  helped in improving communication skills and inculcates holistic growth, improving  comprehension. They also enhanced vocabulary and understood the value of reading as a fundamental skill that is necessary for intellectual growth.Talk on Global Warming helped them in creating critical thinking skills and problem-solving skill.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciation to Ms Surabhi,Anjay and Varghese on the thriving conduct of ‘SAS’ session that provides a glimpse into Global Warming with various perspectives and  instill an  interest  of reading in to the future  generation !!!