Three day FDP on ” Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning “

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with CSI, IEI & ISTE   organized a three day Faculty Development Program on ” Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning ”  on 1st,23rd & 24th of September 2016. Dr P C Reghu Raj(Principal GEC Sreekrishnapuram) handled  first session on Computational Linguistics and Mr Ajeesh Ramanujan(Asst Professor,GEC Sreekrishnapuram)  handled a session on Support Vector Machines on 1 Sep 2016. Mr Jayakumar T V(Asst Professor,Vidya Academy of Science & Technology) handled the sessions  on Introduction to Python,Introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib,Installing scikit-learn &Visualizing data set,Linear Regression,SVM and Decision Tree Classifier and K -Means Clustering during 23rd and 24 Sep 2016.