Skill Development Programme -Google SketchUp & Google website Creation- Event

VAST EDC &StartUp has organised the” Skill Development Programme -Google Sketchup & Web google website Creation” for the EDC Students in association with MCA and ME Department on September 19th and 24th with 52students. On Sep19th Monday (FN) in CAD/CAM lab-Google SketchUp by Mr. Ayush. On Sep24th Saturday(Full day) in MCA lab- Google Website Creation by Ms. Salkala K.S ,Ms.Siji K.B. During the afternoon session of Sep24th,” Google Website Creation Competition” was conducted .Due to the overwhelming performance by the students
The First Prize winners are   
  2. CSE- S3B – Johnbritto Johnson
The Second Prize winners are
  1. CSE- S3B- Parvathi Sankar
    CE- S3A- Lakshmi R Menon
    CE- S3A- Anju George
    CE- S3A- Akshara K P
    EEE- S3- Athul Krishna P
    EEE- S3- Adithya Babu
    CSE- S3A -Adharsh S
    ME- S3A- Joseph