ICTAK Technathalon’16-17-Achievement

National-level Techathlon contest, ICTAK Techathlon 2016-17, offers a platform for the students to showcase their creativity, adaptability, collaboration, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. Total no. of teams participated is 51. Each team also has girl candidates.
The 1st prize – ELECTRO INFINITY
Team members-
  1. Angel Francis – S5 ECE A
  2. Subin PS – S5 PE
  3. Henrick Tom Franco – S5 CS A
  4. Amith Kalathil – S5 CS A
  5. Aftab Ashraf – S5 ECE A
The 2nd prize – REAL
Team members-
  1. Afzal Abdul Azeez – S5 ME A
  2. Arjith Ramu – S5 CSE A
  3. Vishnu P – S5 CSE A
  4. Sethulakshmi M S – CE B
  5. Sreelakshmy K – CE B
The first round of ICTAK Techathlon 2016-17 will be an online contest (Online Prelims). Participants have to form a 5 member team and register online for the contest. The team registration starts on September 21, 2016 in CAD Lab. Coding and Aptitude quiz was conducted. Out of 7 teams,5 teams were shortlisted based on presentation submission and modelling.
3 teams from Vidya Thrissur have been shortlisted for the final round of ICTAK Techathalon (in total 15 students from VAST) based on video conferencing Computer Centre in Decennial Block on October 28th.The finals are to be held at Thiruvananthapuram over 10 & 11 Nov. 2016.