2nd place at SNMIMT Dance Competition

Our dAddiction Dance Club, VAST secured 2st place in the Dance Competition conducted by  Sree Narayana Mangalam Institute of Management and Technology, Maliankara as  a part of their tech-fest, on 23th March 2017

Members are

Kevin, Anoop S8 EEE
Gautham S8 PE
Krishma S8 CE
Gokul S6 EEE
Sujith S6 ME
Sreyas, Kavya, Hima, Manisha S6 CSE
Medha S6 CE
Farash, Hitha, Ann S6 ECE
Ajith S4 CSE
Sanjay, Abhishak S4 ME
Mithun, Ajay S4 PE