VYVIDH’17-IEDC – Events

Event 1, Event Name:- IDEA STORM

“Between Communication and Innovation lies Creation”.
To enhance the knowledge of students based on entrepreneurship, this event is conducted where the participants will be given a case study based on entrepreneurship. We gave them raw materials to the participants and they have to make a product with these materials and make a 6 slide presentation. This took place on 31/3/2017 between 10:00am -11:30am at VLSI Lab Main block

Staff Coordinator : Ayana Ajith
Student Coordinators     :  Jiffin

Event 2, Event Name:- IEDC SHOWCASE

The IEDC projects comes to life which are under the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The teams were to present their technical and non-technical projects. Ashitha P R (ECE Department), Vishnu Raj (EEE Department), Arun Xavier (EEE Department) and Nakul (CSE Department) were in the judging panel. . This took place on 31/3/2017 between 10:00am -11:30am at Decennial hallway in front of library
Staff Coordinators      : Aswin, Vandana
Student Coordinators : Subin P S

Event 3, Event Name: – STARTUP PROMO

All IEDC StartUps showed Off their products /services. The StartUps projects which was started under IEDC were allowed to show off in this event and were made to sell their products as a challenge. This took place on 31/3/2017 between 02:00pm – 4:15pm at MB-0-011
Staff Coordinators        : Swapana E.V.M
Student Coordinators   : Bose Boban

Event 4, Event Name:-MAKE IT FAST MAKE IT MORE

This is a 5 chance challenge where speed and Accuracy Counts. The games were played in the tent behind the Decennial block on 31/3/17 and Decennial hallway on 1/4/17.
Staff Coordinators      : Alex Chacko C, Subramanian

Student Coordinators : Athira K, Joseph Raj