Vidya Academy of Science and Technology conducted the Techno Cultural Fest VYVIDH 2017 on 31 st March and 1st April 2017. The event was inaugurated by Executive Director Er. G Mohanachandran. Different departments organized more than two hundred Technical Projects and twenty Seminar Presentations.

Dept. of Civil Engineering

Event 1 :- Takarasagashi
A survey based treasure hunt event. The team uses their knowledge in surveying to solve the clues, which will be mathematical surveying based. There were 4 participants in each team. 6 teams participated (all teams from our college).
Event 2 :- Estructura
The team creates load bearing structure using paper. There were 4 participants in each team. 5 teams participated ( 3 teams from our college and 2 teams from outside)
Event 3:- Projeto Da Ponte
A group event where the team uses popsicle sticks, syringes and fevicol to build a hydraulic bridge. The bridge that has maximum opening angle and that can take maximum load wins. There were 4 participants in each team. 4 teams participated ( 2 teams from ur college
and 2 teams from outside).
Event4:- The Cadal Masuta
An event where the participant uses his drafting skills in AutoCAD software to create a drawing based on a topic given on the spot. There were 10 participants for the event ( 4 participants from our college and 6 from outside).

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Event 1, Event Name :- CryptiX
Cryptix is a general quiz competition. It contains a preliminary round and four rounds in the final. Either a single contestant or a team consisting of two were eligible to compete. A quiz master was present to conduct the event. The questions and presentations for the quiz competition was arranged by the event head and was verified by the staff co-ordinator. The preliminary round was a written test were the top scorers enters the finals. In the final, four round were conducted. First round was based on anything under the sky. Second round was based on audios and visuals for identification. Third was named as pick your poison and the last was the connect round. Certificates were provided to all the participants.
Event 2, Event Name:- Techass
Techass was an event based on hardware assembling. In order to make the event much more interesting a treasure hunt was included. The participants were given certain clues whose answers lie on different parts of the college campus. The first three teams to reach the lab after collecting all the clues were qualified to the final round of assembling the hardware parts. The team to first complete hardware assembling and booting the system wins the game. Techass was a team event were atmost three of them can form a team. All the participants were given the participation certificate. Registration fee of 100 rupees per head was collected.
Event 3, Event Name:- CodeX
CodeX was an event to test the programming skills of the participants. Each team can have atmost three people. Registration fee of 50 per head was collected.15 teams was selected from a preliminary coding competition. These 15 teams will require to complete one debugging task and one coding challenge in a time limit of 3 hours. . Debugging will be in C language. Coding challenge can be done in C or CPP languages. The first team to complete both tasks will be selected as the winner. All the participants were given the participation certificate.

Event 4, Event Name :- Lumiere
Lumiere was a short film contest. The entries to the competition was done online through website. Registration fee of rupees 300 was collected. The registration closed on March 30.All the short films were send to the jury. The result of the best short film was announced on March 31 2017. All the short films were played on March 31, 2017. The short films of any genre but which discussing on the relevant subjects were considered for the competition.Short films were received in CD in MP4 format.

Event 5, Event Name :- Blind Coding
Blind Coding was an individual event. Only keyboard was provided for input. The display will be turned off. Using the keyboard the contestant have to type the program either in c or cpp language without any error. Prelims was small mcq only as the number of participants exceeds the number of systems available. The participants were allowed to start coding directly when time starts. Once they are sure their code is correct,they have to run the code,compile it and then call the volunteer to verify the output.First person to do so will be the winner.

Event 6, Event Name:- Respawn
Description (not less than 100 words):- Respawn was a pc gaming event. Counter strike (4 vs 4) team event
Dota 2 FIFA NFS most wanted Preliminary was conducted on first day and finals on second day
Event 7, Event Name:- Destroy the decibel
The battle of exhaust. The ultimate rev battle. Registered vehicles were allowed to compete with each other. The loudest car among them wins. An Exciting competition among loudest cars which is evaluated with the help of computer and dB meter.

Dept. of Electronics & Communication

Event 1: ROBOWAR
The event was conducted with great success at the main lobby with the robots fighting with their enemy robots.

The contestants came with the line follower bot.The rule was that the bot should cove  maximum number of obstacles in the path.The one who did it the quickest time won.

Event 3: CODE A THON
According to the purpose that is given to the team, they should design a programming code and simulates its output. First round was the simulation of MATLAB code and final round was the simulation
Event 4: AURYON
A treasure hunt was conducted which consisted of four levels,where the teams need to find the treasure with the clues provided to them at each stage. The team who first found the treasure was the winner.

The teams were asked to find the faults in the circuit and obtain the corrected output.
Event 6: UDBHAV
Using any of the given components the teams were asked to design a circuit which produces the required waveforms.

For a given circuit, PCB designing was asked to be done with minimum time and size, following the design rules .

Event 8:ENOVA
A dotted PCB was provided.The circuit need to designed in that with neatness and the outout needed to be generated.


A hands on training programme on WeMos D1 R2 Wi Fi ESP8266 was conducted. Study on the development board ESP126 which is compactible with arduino UNO board and Programmable using Arduino IDE was done.


Event 1, Event Name:- FOGO 2K17

Description: FOGO 2K17 is a superbike expo. Superbikes and Vintage motorcycles arrived at 30/03/2017 and Rally vehicles arrived at 8.30 AM on 31/03/2017 .FOGO 2K17 Started at 10.00 AM at 31/03/2017, Show continued till 4 PM the same day, working without a break. Entry was with tickets worth ? 40. The door was closed to 4PM. Inside of tent was cleaned. All rally bikes left the tent after 4.30 PM. The tent was closed. Next Day, two stroke rally arrived at 10.20 AM, Show started at 10.30 AM and closed at 3 PM. Show was very successful.

Event 2, Event Name:- Engine Assembly

Description :- Engine assembly is a competition where contestants, team of two has to assemble an automotive engine. Shortest time wins. Event started at 9 AM on first day and ended at 4 PM, next day at 9 AM to 3 PM. No one attended.

Event 3, Event Name:- Workshop

Description:- A workshop class about automobile diagnosis. Faculty of Mechanical Dept, Asst Prof, Hareesh K hosted the class for students in BOSCH lab for one hour on the second day. Event started at 1.00 PM, 24 students attended the class. Event was conducted successfully.

Event 4, Event Name:- Vehicle Diagnosis

Description:- Vehicle diagnosis comprises of different “free of cost” tests for automobiles such as refrigerant check, battery check up. Event started at 9AM and ended at 4 PM. Next day, event started at 10 AM to 2 PM. A total of 20 participants attended the diagnosis. Event was successful.

Event 5, Event Name:- Pit Stop

Description:- Pit Stop is an event where a team of two will disassemble and assemble all two pair of wheels of a car. Shortest time wins the competition. Event started at 9 AM on first day and ended at 4 PM, next day at 9 AM to 3 PM. A total of 19 teams (38 persons) participated. Event was successful.

Event 6, Event Name:- Robo Race

Description:- Race of remote controlled robotic-car through a course of challenging route with obstacles of many varieties. Shortest time wins. Event started at 9 AM on first day and ended at 4 PM, next day at 9 AM to 3 PM. A total of 10 participants attended the competition. Event was successful.

Event 7, Event Name:- Park The Car

Description:- Park the car proves your driving skills on the challenging preset track. The shortest lap time wins the competition. Event started at 9 AM on first day and ended at 4 PM, next day at 9 AM to 3 PM. A total of 98 participants attended the competition. Event was very successful.

Event 8, Event Name:- CAD Master

Description:- CAD Master is the competition of completing the given idea as an image in Autodesk Auto CAD. Qualified judge, Asst Prof Bhavin K Bharath determined the winners. Event started at 9 AM on the first day and ended at 3 PM. Next Day, the event started at 9 AM and ended at 2 PM. A total of 14 participants attended. Event was very successful.

Event 9, Event Name:- Auto Quiz

Description:- Quiz competition related to the hottest topics of automobile world. Contestants have to press the buzzer for answering the question, first one to do so gets to answer the question. There were four rounds of the game. A total of 13 Teams ( 2 per team) attended Auto Quiz. Event started at 11 AM on the second day and ended at 1 PM. Event was very successful.


Event 1, Event Name:- ELECTROCAVE
It was an attractive event with lights and music arrangement. It was conducted on both days of tech fest from 10 am onwards. There was an entry fee of 10 rupees per head and around 300 people entered the cave.

Event 2, Event Name:- DRONE RACE
It was an open event in which any pilot having a drone can participate. It was conducted on the second day of Tech Fest.
Number of students registered and participated : 3

Certificates and cash prize of 6000 and 2000 rupees were awarded to the first and second positions respectively.
First prize : Abrahim George, Viswajyothi Engineering college
Second prize : Shefin, St.Thomas College

Event 3, Event Name:- MATCRACKER
In this event, the students were given simulation problems and they need to crack them in Matlab. It was conducted on the first day of tech fest. Three students participated in this event. Since output was not obtained, none was qualified for the prize.
Event 4, Event Name:- WALL-E
It was an event conducted on the first day for creative students and electronic waste materials were provided. Theme of the junkyard was given on the spot. Number of students registered : 4 Two of them participated.
Event 5, Event Name:- E-QUEST
It was a quiz competition which covered the basic technical knowledge in Electrical Engineering. Conducted on the second day of Tech Fest.
Number of students registered and participated : 7
Awarded participation certificates and first prize of 3000 rupees was given to Vivek Menon, Vidya College.

It was a technical game to find hidden objects or places by following a series of technical clues. It was conducted on the second day of Tech Fest. Eight teams participated and each team consisted of 3 students. Certificates and cash prize of 5000 rupees was awarded for the winner.
First Prize : Niba, Sreelakshmi, Vivek sha – Vidya College
Event 7, Event Name:- VIBGYOR
It was an event which contains seven different games in seperate counters. We planned to award 7000 rupees for the person who completes the seven games successfully. The event was conducted for both the days . Number of students participated : 17
Nobody could complete all the seven levels.

Event 8, Event Name:- CIRCUITRIX
It was an event in which a team of 2 students, need to debugg the given circuit. A logic gate circuit was provided for the students. Event was conducted for both the days . Number of teams registered : 4 Only one team participated for the event and output was not obtained.
Participation certificates were given.
This expo was one of the main event in which electrical appliances like transformers, insulators, circuit breakers, and relays were rented from KSEB and exhibited. There were still and working models of electrical accessories. Department highlights and details were projected.


Different kinds of modified two stroke bikes and bullets were displayed and then prizes were given to the best modified bikes.

Event was for individual participants. The event was conducted in two stages. Preliminary round was a VIVA VOCE and a simple machining process using the lathe. The participants who got past the prelims were given a complex figure to machine in the lathe within a particular time limit. The person who did the machining best was given the prize.

Plastic soft drink bottles were used as rocket body. The rocket must use only compressed ambient atmospheric air as its source of energy. The range and accuracy of the rocket was evaluated in two rounds which were finally set as a parameter to decide the winners. The winners were given the prizes.
It was a Group event (max 3). The participants were given certain junk items which were converted into a robot based structure in a specified time. And the best was selected and prizes
were given.
It was a single event. There were three rounds and in the final round only 3 are selected according to their marketing and operational skills and the best participant was given the prize.
The participants were given a product which is a fake product that are really hard to sell and then they were given 15-20 mints to make an advertisement on it and present it to the audience and convince them to buy the product. It was a group event. The best ones to convince the audience were announced as the winners.
The main agenda of this event was to find the best finance manager. There were two rounds. The first round was a quiz competition and only the best were selected for the next round and then they were given another task to complete within the given time period. The first one to complete was given the prize.
It is a maze, where a key will be hidden deep inside. The ones to find the key were given prizes.

It is a hand wrestling event.
Hangers were given to the participants and the ones who were able to balance the hangers were given the prizes.

IEDC Vyvidh Events

Event 1, Event Name:- IDEA STORM
Description (not less than 100 words):- “Between Communication and Innovation lies Creation”. To enhance the knowledge of students based on entrepreneurship, this event is conducted where the participants will be given a case study based on entrepreneurship. We will
give them raw materials to the participants and they have to make a product with these materials and make a 6 slide presentation.
Staff Coordinators : Ayana Ajith
Student Coordinators : Jiffin
Rules :
1. Maximum 3 members per team.
2. Max six slides.
3. Two hours ( Limited time 5 minutes for presentation)
4. Laptops , Mobiles are permitted within the venues
5. Jury’s decision is the final.

Event 2, Event Name:- IEDC SHOWCASE
Description (not less than 100 words):-Here the IEDC projects comes to life which are under the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.The teams are to present their technical and non- technical projects. Ashitha P R (ECE Department),Vishnu Raj (EEE Department), Arun Xavier (EEE Department) and Nakul (CSE Department) were in the judging panel.
Staff Coordinators
: Aswin, Vandana
:Subin P S

1 Maximum 3 members per team.
2.Max five slides in Laptop
3.The teams are to follow instructions given by coordinators
4.Laptops are permitted but mobiles are restricted for the tech fest use only
5.Jury’s decision is final.


Event 3, Event Name:- STARTUP PROMO
Description (not less than 100 words):-All IEDC StartUps can show Off their products services. The StartUps projects which was started under IEDC were allowed to show off in this event and were made to sell their products as a challenge.
Staff Coordinators
: Swapana E.V.M
Student Coordinators :Bose Boban

Event 4, Event Name:-MAKE IT FAST MAKE IT MORE
Description (not less than 100 words):-this is a 5 chance challenge where speed and Accuracy Counts. The games were played in the tent behind the decennial block .
Staff Coordinators
: Alex Chacko C, Subramanian
Student Coordinators : Athira K, Joseph Raj



A domed bulding made by air filled bag in which the educational videos of planets , stars , human evolution and moon visit of astronaut are projected for public entertainment or education. The event was main attractive event of ENIGMA and was very successful. Around
four hundred people watched the show of planetarium. We collected an amount of 30rs as entry fees to planetarium.

The paper craft work done by us using the waste newspapers and origami paper made the room origami a wonder. The exhibition and valuation of paint and draw competition was also held in this room. Origami is a japenese art form of folding paper in to different shapes and figures. We arranged the room completely with 5000 paper cones and decorative paper wastes. This was our another event which made a wonderful treat for viewers.

It consists of infinity rooms which is a pair of parallel mirrors, which create a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede into an infinite distance. They are used as room accents and in artwork. The addition of the LED lights and the dark atmosphere made the room really a miracle.

The efficient utilization of neon paints and ultra violet lights made the dark room a horror cage. The fluorescent paper cuttings and hand prints enhanced the horror beauty. The dark ambiance suited the name LIGHTS OUT.

The snow world is artificial snow hills and snow caves made using cotton. It was made to take photos in the background of snow. This was really very attractive and gained a lot of appreciation from the viewers.

This is the art of arranging the coloured threads into different shapes. In this room we arranged the coloured thread into an attractive form. This takes lots of efforts to arrange the thread, but the outcome was a beautiful treat to eyes.

The useful form of the materials that turned from the scrap are exhibited which all are made by the hostelers. Different kind of home decorative materials are made from the waste materials like plastic bottles , news papers and clothes.

The principle behind this event was ‘Understanding the theory by experience’. Easy combination of corn flour and water made a entertaining experience. One jump basketing and skipping competitions utilized this non Newtonian platform.

A4 sized paper was provided to make a paper plane. The longest reach and air time were calculated and based on that the winner was decided. 100rs cash prize were provided for the winner.

A robo car made by the hostelers was used for conducting the event. Certain path which consist of obstacles,bridges and mud must par by the robo in time. Only six members were participated in the event after that the robo get damaged. So we couldn’t continue the event.

Event 11. 3D MODEL
The 3D model of Vidya Academy of Science and Technology was made using forex paper got many appreciation from the staffs, students and all other viewers.

The idea of comfort living was introduced to us by our principal DR Sudha Balagopal maam. We just worked up on that idea to make a college hostel for living comfortly. This event got many appreciation from the viewers.

Different kind of cubes were provided for the participants and the time taken for solving the cubes were noted. The participant with the least time was the winner.

Dept. of Physical Education Vyvidh Games 2017

Event 1 Event Name:- Basketball
VAST Basketball Club organized Vyvidh Games Inter Collegiate Basketball tournament on 25 th March 2017 in flood light ambiance. Eight teams participated in the tournament. The host VAST and Govt. Engg. College, Thrissur fought for the Championship encounter and in a thrilling match GEC, TCR became the Vyvidh Basketball Champions (35-38). Mr. Mathew K Paulose of GEC was adjudged as Man of the Tournament. Prizes were distributed by Mr. Rajesh S K,Asso. Prof. EEE and Mr. Anil M Asst. Prof. ECE.

Event 2 Event Name:- Cricket

VAST Cricket Club organized Vyvidh Games Inter Collegiate Cricket tournament on 25 th & 26 th March 2017. Fifteen teams participated in the tournament. Govt. Engg. College, Sreekrishnapuram was successful in defeating IES Engg College, Chitilappilly in the finals. Mr. AnilM, Asst. Prof. ECE and Mrs. Arundhathi Sasikumar, Asst. Prof. Phy.Edn gave away the Trophies and cash awards to the winners. Mr. Albin of GEC, Sreekrishnapuram was the Best Player of the Final and Mr. Isbulla Khan of IES College of Engineering was selected as the Man of the Tournament.

Event 3 Event Name: – Volleyball
VAST Volleyball Club organized Vyvidh Games Inter Collegiate Volleyball tournament on 26 th & 27 th March 2017. Thirteen teams participated in the tournament. Royal College of Engg & Tech. Akkikavu defeated the host VAST in the finals. Dr. Sudha Balagopalan, Principal VAST was the guest of honour of the finals. Mr. Aswin Davi of Royal College of Engg & Tech was the Man of the Tournament. The trophies were given away by Mr. Anil M Asst. Prof. ECE, Mr. Hareesh K Asst. Prof. ME & Mr. Sinto Asst. Prof. ME.

Event 4 Event Name: – Football
VAST Football Club organized Vyvidh Games South India Inter Collegiate Flood Light Football tournament on 28 th March 2017. Thirty Two teams participated in the tournament. Dr. Sudha Balagopalan, Principal VAST inaugurated the tournament. Al Ameen College of Engineering Kulapully and Thejus Engineering College, Vellarkad fought in the finals for the champion’s title. Mr. Faris Rehman of Thejus Engineering College was adjudged as the Man of the Tournament. In a penalty shootout decider Al Ameen College overcame the challenges of Thejus Engineering College in a 5-4 margin.

Vyvidh’17 the unique Techno cultural fest
Exhibits about 200 Projects , 20 Seminars , The D’Addiction Dance Performance & Finally the Pro Show at Lulu international
Convention Centre ……………