Final Year Project Demonstration

Electrical and Electronics Engineering department conducted the Hardware Demonstration of the Main Project of S8 EEE Students (2013 Admission). 14 Groups Demonstrated their projects. This was a new experience & idea-opener to the First & Second Year students-since they can clarify the doubts about different projects & study more about each Project. Principal Dr. Sudha Balagopalan, HoD EEE Prof. Remani T & other staffs from the Department was also there for the valuation of these projets.

Some topics of the Porject are

  • Tremor stabilization assist for Parkinson’s syndrome
  • Head motion controlled wheel chair
  • Single phase 9-level cascaded inverter
  • Agriculture assisting robot    
  • Gesture controlled robot    
  • Energy audit    
  • Witricity
  • Smart blind navigation system
  • Residential demand response system
  • Solar powered DC-DC buck boost converter
  • Smart ration distribution system
  • Solar powered Electric vehicle
  • Micro-siting and implementation of Windmill