Class on Fifth Fuel – a Tool to Productivity

Institution Engineers (India) and  SEP Technical Cell, VAST, jointly organized a lecture  on “Fifth Fuel – a Tool to Productivity – a Smart Energy Programme” by Dr. P. M. C. Nair, Professor, SIST, SEP (Technical) Resource Person of Energy Management Center,  KTU Academic Auditor. Energy efficiency is the fifth fuel the other four being coal, hydrocarbons (natural gas and petroleum), nuclear, and renewable energy. The fifth fuel is the greenest and most cost-effective of the five.

The attendees for the lecture were students of S2 & S4 B.Tech classes.

Date : 27-April-2017

Time : 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Venue : EEE Seminar Hall, VAST, Thrissur