ME Students fabricate “Biogas Bike” and “Biogas Generator”

A group of mechanical engineering students of our College fabricated two eco-friendly products as part of their final year Project titled “Kainotomia: Green Innovations”.  The products, christened “Power-Eco” and “Eco-Bike”, run on biogas as fuel. These products attracted a lot of media attention and the stories of their fabrications have appeared in the mainstream vernacular press.  The group of students consisting of Hareesh G M, Jishnu K M, Jithinraj T P, Jomin Jojo, Justin Robert and Kannan S worked under the guidance of Mr Sarath Babu Ramachandran, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Here are brief sketches of the products.


It is an electricity generator which works by taking biogas as fuel. The experimental set-up consists of a 100 cc engine, an automobile alternator, battery and a vaporizer kit as its main components. The generator is developed at low cost and achieving higher efficiency. The engine is made compatible with biogas to power the generator with the biogas. The efficiency is improved and the limitation due to lower energy content of biogas is solved by supplying a combustion enhancement agent called brown gas (HHO) to the engine in addition to the fuel, biogas. This also provides additional advantage of reduced pollution.


This is a bike working on biogas. The major requirement for this is the storage of biogas. Here biogas from the plant is filtered to remove moisture content and then compressed into a tank using compressor. The fuel is supplied into the engine through a vaporizer kit just like in Power-Eco (Biogas Generator).