MCA Seminar Proceedings released

The Proceedings of the Vidya Computer Applications Departmental Seminar (VCADS – 2017) held during 25 – 26 April 2017 was formally released by handing over a copy of the Proceedings to the Principal in a solemn ceremony held in the Principal’s Chamber on  9th June 2017.  Faculty members of the Computer Applications Department and a few representative students of the S5 MCA class participated in the ceremony. This 111 page book containing 16 papers authored by S5 MCA students was compiled and edited by Dr V N Krishnachandran, REji C Joy, Sajay K R and Siji K B, faculty members of the Computer Applications Department.

From the Preface to the proceedings: ” . . . The seminar was the culmination of a coursework (with course code MCA 2010 506(P) Seminar) to be completed by the MCA students of Calicut University during the Fifth Semester of the MCA programme. As part of the course, each student has to prepare and present a paper on any topic in the field of computer science.  . . .  The students were required to present a “study paper” in a Departmental Seminar. The papers collected in this volume are the study papers prepared by the students and presented in the two-day seminar.”

The full text of the Proceedings can be viewed here.