Five-day Internship for Infosys Campus Connect FP organised by NSS units

As part of the implementation of the Infosys Campus Connect Foundation Programme 5.0, a five day Internship Program was organized in the College during  19 – 23 June 2017. The currently enrolled participants of the Foundation Programme are the volunteers of the NSS units of the College. The Internship Programme was organised by the NSS units of the College jointly with the Training & Placement Cell. The Programme envisages bridging the gap between academia and industry. The focus of the Internship Program was in providing training to the students in the use of the Python programming language and in the use of databases. The program comprised of lectures interleaved with hands-on sessions on Python using Eclipse IDE with PyDev and on database using Oracle 11g Express Edition. The resource person was Mr. Jayakumar T V, Assistant Professor in Department of CSE. as many as 153 students participated in the Internship Program.