Teachers’ Training Programme: In full swing

Here are brief accounts of the activities conducted during the first three days of the Teachers’ Training Programme.

Day 1 (23.06.217)

The Teachers’ Training Programme which was inaugurated on 22.06.2017 had an auspicious start on 23.06.2017. On 23.06.2017, two demo classes were held by two senior faculty members, namely, Prof. M V Sulochana (Mathematics) on infinite series and Dr. Ramani Bai V (Computer Science) on binary-search algorithm. At the outset Principal Dr. Sudha Balagopalan reiterated the significance of this training. Later she pointed out areas in engineering where infinite series and their convergence is significant (stability of systems) and also the difference in the terminologies used in mathematics and engineering. She also stressed the importance in general, of algorithms in developing efficient systems. Dr. K B M Nampoothiripad emphasised the need of solving problems with variety and not stereo-type. Dr. V N Krishnachandran mentioned that computational algorithms were in use by the 14th century Kerala mathematicians, referring to the contribution of Samgamagrama Madhavan. He added that briefing the history of the topics may be done to catch and retain the attention of the students.

Day 2 (27.06.2017)

On the second day of the Programme, 27.06.2017, there were three sessions by Mr C Susanth (infinite series), Mr Praveen A P (graphics) and Ms Shiny E A (differential equations). In the ensuing discussion Dr. Sudha Balagopalan highlighted the impact of using both the digital presentation along with the blackboard (Susanth), the illustrative and precise drawing (Praveen) and the detailed discussion of differential equations with examples (Shiny). She also noted the feeling of a sense of completion of the topic when Susanth finished his discussion on reaching the expression he started with. Dr. Krishnachandran pointed out the added advantage of building a model of three orthogonal planes and a different way of introducing differential equations from an example.

Day 3 (28.06.2017)

On 28.06.2017 there were two sessions by Ms Jiji P J (double integrals) and Mr Liju Augustian (optics). Prof. K V Leela appreciated the importance of good examples (Jiji) and blackboard management (Liju). She added that we should regularly give problems to the students from standard books that can be solved only by consulting the book, thus compiling a collection of problems and their solutions, by the students themselves that is sufficient for an understanding the subject as also for clearing the exam. She had brought with her a specimen of a spiral bound compilation by one of her old students.