Train the teachers and excel in results

In alignment with the mission of the College, “To seek, strive for and scale greater heights of quality education . . .”, a decision has been taken to give an opportunity to all teachers, especially those who have been assigned to handle courses in the first year of the B Tech Programme, to train and equip themselves to be better teachers. This proposed Teachers’ Training Programme is an effort to make the teaching-learning process better. The objective is to identify one’s drawbacks in class-room teaching and make an effort to improve on it. The focus is on improving the methodology of teaching and not in its content as such.

The Training sessions are structured in such away that each participant has to give a small presentation using the blackboard, on a topic in her/his area of interest for about 50 minutes. Following this presentation, there would be a discussion on the use of blackboard and communication skills. The participant was then expected to make a brief improved presentation based on the inputs received.

The training is expected to be completed in four weeks and all the participants are expected to be present during the entire sessions of presentations.