NSS volunteers visit Autistic Centre, Aranattukara

As many as 8 NSS volunteers of the College visited the Autistic Centre at Aranattukara, on 28.09.2017. The visit was organised to obtain an in-place understanding of the problems faced by the students and teachers of such Centres and also to have an interactive session with the students.

The institution is under the control of MHRD. Mr. Benny was the head of the institution and Mr. Subramanian was the resource teacher. There were 6 teachers and 35 students. Different time slots had been allotted for prayer, yoga, academics, craft works and computer games. The volunteers interacted with the students and mingled with them. They analyzed the needs of the institution that are necessary for providing better activity sessions for the students which would help them improve their abilities to concentrate on a given task, and make better coordination of their eye and hand movements. The visit helped the volunteers to be more of aware of their social responsibilities and the necessity of extending help to those who are in need.