Training on Science Awareness Programme at VAST, Kilimanoor

A team of faculty members from the College organised a special programme in Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Technical Campus, Kilimanoor, on 06.12.2017 to create awareness about the Science Awareness Programme (SAP) of the College launched jointly with VICT. As many as 27 faculty and staff members of the host institution participated in the programme. The faculty team from the College comprised of Ms Akhila R (AP, EEE Dept.), Mr Alex Chacko (AP, ME Dept.), Ms Divya Radhakrishnan (AP, Humanities Dept.) and Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept.). Mr Vimal (AP, ME Dept.) welcomed the guests. Mr Banarji Bhaskaran, VICT representative, gave a talk on “How to Deal with Failures”.

Ms Akhila R introduced the concept of SAP. She gave a brief account of the circumstances in which the idea of SAP was born and of how the various activities of the Programme were planned and implemented. She also explained the organizational structure of SAP.  She indicated some of the hardships faced by the SAP volunteers while approaching schools. There was also a presentation on the timeline set for the activities planned in Thrissur District. Mr Hareesh K elaborated on the difficulties and a made a presentation on “Art of Convincing”.  The session ended with a case study presentation by the team members. The participants were then divided into four teams and they were asked to present how they would convince the stakeholders in the situations presented to them.

Following this, Ms Divya Radhakrishnan introduced the model of presentations made in schools. The focus was on the problem of motivating students to develop the habit of thinking scientifically. One way to motivate students is to inspire them to do something extraordinary. This can be done by sharing the life stories of accomplished personalities. She also elaborated the Six Mantras of Success which would guide a person intending to do something extraordinary.

In the afternoon, Mr Alex Chacko explained how to present the scientific achievements of ancient and modern India to make students understand the importance of science and to develop an interest towards science. He also delivered a presentation on how to develop a curiosity in science by making them ask questions.

This was followed by a brainstorming session. Around 20 questions were generated after five rounds of discussions. The answers to the questions were also discussed briefly. A discussion on aptitude test was also held after giving the participants a copy of the aptitude questions.

The programme was wound up with a take home assignment of preparing a slideshow on SAP Career Awareness for 10th standard students.

Ms Anitha Vijayan, Trust Coordinator, proposed the vote of thanks.