A plethora of activities by NSS volunteers of the College

The volunteers of the NSS units of the College have completed a plethora of highly acclaimed activities in the last few days. Helping nearby schools, trying to raise awareness about cleanluness, about drug abuse, about online services offered by KSEB, and the like are only some of the activities taken up by the NSS units. We are expecting many, many such stories. In the meanwhile, read on . . .

NSS units of Vidya present cooking utensils to RMLP School, Velur

The NSS units of Vidya gifted various cooking utensils to RMLP School, Velur, as a new year gift  on 01.01.2018. The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Sherly Dileep Kumar, President,  Velur Grama Panchayath.  The presidential address was delivered by Mr C K Murali, PTA President, RMLP School. Dr  Sudha Balagopalan, Principal, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, handed over the utensils to  Ms. Reena Thomas, Principal, RMLP School. Mr T M Abdul Rasheed, Vice-President, Velur Grama Panchayath, Dr. S Swapna Kumar Head of ECE Department, Mr. Anil M NSS Programme Officer,  and Mr. Cinto P A, NSS Programme Officer, were present on the occasion.

Cleaning activity at District Homeo Hospital, Thrissur


The NSS Volunteers of Vidya conducted a cleaning programme at District Homeo Hospital, Kizhakumpattukara, Thrissur, on 02.01.2018. The cleaning activities were guided by Mr. Justin C Jose. As many as 23 volunteers participated in the programme.



Cleaning programme at Primary Health Centre, Chiranellur


The NSS Volunteers of Vidya cleaned the premises of the Primary Health Centre, Chiranellur, on 29.12.2017. As many as 17 NSS volunteers actively participated in the cleaning drive.


Distribution of food packets


The NSS Volunteers of Vidya served food to the needy people in and around Swaraj Round in Thrissur City on 29.12.2018. The Volunteers brought food packets prepared in their homes and distributed to the poor people. They covered many places including Paramekavu Temple premises, Thekinkadu Maidanam, Municipal Bus Stand premises, Police Station Road and Sakthan Bus Stand premises.


Visit to St. Vincent Home, Mundathikode

A team of NSS volunteers of Vidya visited the St. Vincent Home, Rajagiri, Mundathikode, on 13.01.2018. The volunteers interacted with the kids and engaged them with fun games. They distributed food packets to the kids and sisters. Sister Sojia, who was in-charge of the Home, thanked the NSS volunteers for visiting the Home and spending time with them.


Spreading awareness about KSEB online services at Wadakkanchery

The NSS units of Vidya organised a programme at Wadakkanchery for promoting the usage of online electricity  bill payment services on 06.01.2018.  Around 30 volunteers participated in the  programme. Officers of KSEB briefed the NSS volunteers about the methods of online payments. The volunteers then visited the nearby shops and houses and talked about the online facilities that are provided by KSEB and distributed the brochures. The officials of KSEB presented mementos to the NSS volunteers as a token of appreciation of their services.

Punarjjani Camp at Government Ayurveda Hospital, Guruvayur

The NSS volunteers of Vidya conducted a two-day Punarjjani Camp  at Government Ayurveda Hospital, Guruvayur,  during 28 – 29.12.17. About 50 NSS volunteers rendered their service for the camp. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Ammini. Trolleys, wheelchairs, drip-stands, cots and tables, which had been stashed away in the store rooms of the Hospital were repaired and repainted as part of the project. Dr. Ammini appreciated the NSS Technical Cell for making necessary arrangements to ensure the effectiveness of the project.

Spreading awareness against drug abuse

The NSS units of Vidya, in association with Velur Grama Panchyath and Kunnamkulam  Excise Range Office, conducted a programme named “Vimukthi Dhinam” to create public awareness against drug abuse on 10.01.2018. The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Sherly Dileep Kumar (President,  Velur Panchayath). Around 45 NSS Volunteers under the guidance of     Mr. Anil M (NSS Programme Officer) actively participated in the programme. A flash mob by NSS volunteers of Vidya was held after the inaugural event. NSS volunteers of Vidya, GRSRV HSS students and DDU GKY students took part in the awareness rally by holding placards against drug abuse.

Ecowork by NSS volunteers


The NSS units of Vidya have started to get involved in the vegetable cultivation in the College campus. The volunteers have been divided into different groups and each group has been assigned the specific task of taking care of watering of plants and removing weeds.