A Smart and Versatile Walker by ME students

A group of S8 B Tech (ME) students of the College has developed a ‘Smart and Versatile Walker’ as an effective solution for the difficulties faced by people who are physically challenged. The project was selected for TEKON – 2018 Project Exhibition conducted by KSCSTE (Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment) held on 26.02.2018 at Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, Kodakara, Thrissur.

Conventional such Walkers have several limitations like the necessity of manual lifting for movement, the difficulty in reaching for the Walker if it is placed far away from the user and the difficulties in climbing stairs. This project is aimed at designing and creating a Walker which addresses these limitations.

The ‘Smart and Versatile Walker’ provides an ideal environment for the comfort of a physically challenged person. The Walker has a programmed joystick which provides controlled movement with the help of rollers. Accessibility is implemented through mobile applications. The Walker designed by the students is expected to be an affordable alternative to the the sophisticated and expensive Walkers available in the market. There is a lot of scope for improvement like implementation of voice recognized control and more user-friendly features.

The team members were Naveen T P, Muhammed Hashim K M, Rahul Murali, Mohammed Shafi, Nimal Farhan Aripurath and the Project Guide was Vibin Antony P (Asst. Prof., ME Dept.).


Dr Ramachandran N

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