EEE Dept organises Expo of B Tech student projects

The EEE Dept of the College, in association with AEEE, organised a demo-cum-expo of as many as 14 student projects completed by the S8 B Tech (EEE) students, in the Basic Electrical Lab of the College 06.04.2018. The event was intended to showcase the variety, the quality and the standards of the projects taken up by the students of the EEE Dept. The event was much appreciated and a large number of students, faculty and staff of the College visited the expo.

The following were the titles of the Projects on display:

  1. Efficient Tap Changing Voltage Regulator
  2. Personal Electric Transport (P.E.T)
  3. Lower Exoskeleton Guided System (LEGS)
  4. Automatic Nutmeg Collector
  5. Electronic Trolley for Fast Shopping
  6. Advanced Vehicle Locating System
  7. Hybrid Power System
  8. Hybrid Solar Inverter With UPS
  9. River Cleaning Robot
  10. Automatic Floor Cleaning Bot
  11. Automated Security System For Motor Vehicles
  12. Automatic Painting Robot
  13. Driver’s Safety with IOT
  14. Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter in Electric Vehicles