eSpiderZ contest: MCA students’ amazing creations

“eSpiderZ” is a website creation contest organised every year by the MCA Dept of the College. The first such contest was  held in 2010. The whole idea behind the contest is to nurture creativity and to promote a spirit of self-study and exploration among students. Currently, the contest is open only to students of Computer Applications Department of this College. The challenge is to create the best web-site using the tools available with Google-sites. There is no restriction on the theme of the site. Prizes are determined based on the aesthetics of design and richness of content of the website. The following are the details of the winners of this year’s contest. The prize-winning entries are really amazing creations!

First Prize (shared)

Ashrith N (S2 MCA)

First Prize (shared)

Risheen E A (S4 MCA)

Second Prize

Amitha Arun (S2 MCA)

Special prize

Soyet K Y (S4 MCA)