MCA students, faculty and staff do a small charity work at Govt Old Age Home

MCA Dept organised a small charity work at Govt Old Age Home, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur, on 19.04.2018. The Home is a home to around 75 persons, men and women, who do not have a family to depend on during the insecurities of the old age. The ambience of the institution, the physical infrastructure and the attitudes of the employees all amply demonstrated that the inmates of the Home were well looked after and all their genuine needs were promptly met.

The S5 MCA students took the initiative in organising the programme. The faculty and staff wholeheartedly supported the students and cooperated with the activities. The students and faculty reached the Home at around 11.00 am. All the inmates and the visitors gathered in a well-furnished hall and shared some happy, but thoughtful, moments. The students, as well as faculty members, presented some cultural events like dance and music.

The MCA Dept presented two food trolleys for supplying food to the inmates. The students also presented some provision items like a bag of quality rice, etc.

It was indeed a memorable day for the students, faculty and staff of the MCA Dept.