Principal releases MCA Seminar Proceedings

Principal Dr Sudha Balagopalan released the proceedings of the MCA departmental seminar of 2018 on 30.04.2014 in a brief informal ceremony held in the Principal’s Chamber. Faculty members of the MCA Dept and a few student representatives were present on the occasion.

The presentation of a seminar is a mandatory requirement of the Fifth Semester MCA syllabus (Calicut University) and it used to be done in a life-less ritualistic manner and nobody learned anything out of it. Some two years back the faculty of the MCA Dept decided to raise the presentation to a higher level by insisting that the content and the presentation of the paper should be that of a paper in a national seminar. The Dept successfully implemented this decision for the first time in last academic year. The papers presented then were collected in the form a book and released as the proceedings of the seminar.

The Dept repeated the exercise this academic year and the quality of the papers presented was much higher than the quality of the papers presented last year. The Departmental Seminar for the presenting the papers was held on 04-05.04.2018 in the Seminar Hall of the Dept. The papers presented have been collected in the form of a book titled “Proceedings of Vidya Computer Applications Departmental Seminar 2018 (VCADS 2018)”. The book was formally released by Dr Sudha Balagoalan, Principal, on 30.04.208 in a ceremony held in the Principal’s Chamber. The Dept also organised a function in the Seminar Hall of the Dept to distribute the copies of the book to all students of S5 MCA (2015 admissions batch) students.