First venture of Vidya Talent Centre to be launched: 5-day course on “Intro. to Skill Set Essentials”

Vidya Talent Centre, an initiative of Vidya International Charitable Trust functioning in the College,  is launching on 28 May 2018 its first venture,  a five-day course titled “Introduction to Skill Set Essentials” covering a variety of topics including Photoshop, Web Development, App Development, Computer Assembly and Project Management.  According to the organisers of the course, “these fields are producing some of the best paid jobs with median annual remuneration varying from around Rs. 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs.” In the course of the five days, participants are exposed to the foundations of five different fields and they are expected to learn the basics of these fields. This course is also suitable for entrepreneurs.
  • Course Details:
  • Date: 28th May to June 1st (5 days)
  • Place: Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur
  • Prerequisite: Basic Computer Knowledge
  • *Fees: Rs. 3000 (Introductory offer)
  • For Details Contact: 7034767300, 9995253052
  • For Registration: