ME students design exoskeleton for physically handicapped

Final year B Tech (ME) students of the College have designed an equipment for the help of those whose legs have been paralysed. The equipment, which is a simple artificial exoskeleton, can be used by such persons to walk and climb stairs normally. Besides, the equipment can also be used for physiotherapy. The motors on the waist and on each knee are used to move the legs. The joystick on the waist is used to send messages for walking or sitting. The equipment can be easily worn concealed within the shoes. The motion of the motors are regulated using Adruino micro-controller. The motions are from waist to thighs and from the knees to the feet and vice versa. The project was guided by Mr Aadars M S (AP, ME Dept) and was supported by Dr. N. Ramachandran (HoD, ME Dept).  A team of students comprising of Muhammaed Ajmal T P, Navaneeth P, Nidheesh P N, Vishnu P Chandran and Vishu Sagar designed the exoskeleton as part of their final year project. The total cost of the equipment was about Rs 12,000 only.