NSS’s Punarjjani at Primary Health Centre, Velur

The NSS units of the College conducted a Punarjjani Camp at Primary Health Centre (PHC), Velur, during 05 – 07 June 2018. Dr Vineeth (Assistant Surgeon, PHC) shared his thoughts on service to society with the NSS volunteers and motivated them to do their best in such camps. Th volunteers cleaned and painted the walls, damaged furniture, grills, doors, windows and name boards. They also did some maintenance work for hospital equipment like cots, wheel chairs, IV stands, stools, observation tables, oxygen cylinder stands and stretcher trolleys. The volunteers also cleaned the premises of the PHC and set up a small garden. Ms Sherly Dileepkumar, President, Velur Grama Panchayath, visited the camp and appreciated the NSS volunteer’s contribution towards the society. As many as 50  NSS volunteers actively participated in the camp.